West Flanders & Kempen based training squad

Our mission, as a training team, is to support (tri)athletes in achieving their objective to become successful and professional athletes. Our training team consists of triathletes as well as athletes who chose a sports career in running, cycling, or swimming as an individual sport.
  • By offering a unique training program delivered by qualified trainers an coaches, and in line with the top sport requirements of the international triathlon federation.

  • By collaborating with medical professionals in the fields of physical health, mental coaching, testing and recovery/rehabilitation.

  • By constantly gaining new insights thanks to our cooperation with (inter)national top sport athletes.

  • By organizing both national and international training camps.

Our ultimate goal is to guide top athletes towards:
  • Podium places on national triathlon circuits (T3 series).

  • Becoming medallists at (Belgian) triathlon championships.

  • Winning selections for international championships, the Olympics, and who knows …